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College Funding

Michael Drews CPA believes that many parents want to contribute to their children’s education. For some families this represents the second largest lifetime expense after a home. We recognize that parents have varying value systems when it comes to this topic and we respect that.

Today, there are numerous ways to fund college or private high school with tax-free growth. Michael recommends either the Education Savings Account (ESA) or the 529 plan. For business owners, employing your children while they are in college can be a real win-win-win situation. For the business owner/parent, the wages paid to the child are tax-deductible, for the child/student, he is usually in a low tax bracket while in college, often resulting in no tax owed on the wages received. In addition, the student may also then be able to take advantage of the education credits that the parents could not have because their income is too high.


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