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Freeman Acquisition Announcement

June 22, 2022

Today, we announce exciting news: Michael Drews Tax and Wealth Planners has completed its acquisition of Freeman & Associates. This combination creates an organization better able to serve you and deliver more robust, tax-smart services.

What does this mean for you?

Michael Drews Tax and Wealth Planners will continue to offer tax and accounting services. However, our team now delivers new resources and capabilities for individuals, families, and business owners in the Thousand Oaks area. In addition to elevated tax services, we provide comprehensive financial planning and wealth management experience.  Our financial advisors can help you manage and strengthen your finances, plan for the future, and assist in bringing your dreams closer to reality.  

Our financial advisors bring the following invaluable services to each client relationship:

  • Financial Strategy: Identification, prioritization, and mapping to financial goals; Portfolio design, fund selection and asset allocation**; Debt management, budgeting, and cash flow assessment
  • Investment Optimization & Management: Regular portfolio rebalancing; Proactive tax-loss harvesting; Regular strategy reviews and revisions
  • Behavior Modification: Ongoing coaching to avoid financial mistakes; Accountability to stay on plan and achieve goals
  • Situational Guidance: Advice to navigate significant life circumstances including changing jobs, buying a home, marriage, divorce, death, caring for an aging parent, etc.
  • Experience: Educated, fully licensed advisors certified to provide financial advice; Robust knowledge of the economy, market, investment products, taxes, business operations, and more

Our team looks forward to not only bringing you a higher level of service but also a more comprehensive set of services to fulfill your personal and business financial needs.

What does this mean for us?

Our entire staff is now a part of the Michael Drews Tax and Wealth Planners family with offices in Camarillo and Thousand Oaks. You’ll continue to see some of the same familiar faces at our Thousand Oaks office and will receive the professional tax and accounting services you and your business need.  We’ll continue to refine our processes, procedures, and professional staff to deliver the service and experience you deserve. We’ve been in business in California for more than 17 years and know the value a trusted financial advisor can bring to tax and wealth opportunities in this state.  It would be our privilege to get to know your unique circumstances, goals for the future, and help develop a financial plan that’s truly tailored to you – especially before we head into another tax season.

Thank you for your trust and patience during our transition in Thousand Oaks.